斯诺克直播2019 With a working history of nearly 30 years in offshore engineering, China Yantai Salvage is very experienced and skilled in the field and has created many records for Chinese offshore engineering industry. The scope of offshore engineering we performed covers lifting and installation of marine structures such as platform modules and jackets, installation of risers, expansion loops, trenching, piling, decommissioning of platforms and so on. In 2002, as a subcontractor we undertook the loading/ transportation/installation and piling of two large platforms in Zhaodong Project. The successful installation of these two large platforms set up a national record for the ro/ro transportation and installation of single platform in size and weight. In 2006, our floating crane De Ying completed the installation of a modification module and a base foundation for the FPSO in Wenchang, South China Sea. The operation was done without suspension of production for the FPSO which was the first time in China. Between 2007 and 2013, we carried out the installation of jackets for BZ34, SZ36-1, JZ9-3 and platform modules for LvDa oilfield and QK17-2, and completed projects including the installation of risers and expansion loops for SZ36-1 and QHD32-6, trenching for KL3-2 and BZ34-1 etc. In 2014 we successfully contracted and finished the decommissioning of two platforms in Jinzhou, which was the first decommissioning project for integrated oil platforms in China.